World Cooperation

World Cooperation
China's Famed Terracotta Warriors to Awe Museum-goers in Select US...
Shaanxi History Museum was Invited to Participate in the Polish...
Leaders of Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau Met with the Australian...
Director of Shaanxi History Museum Qiang Yue Met Delegations from...
Director of Drents Museum Visited Hanyangling Museum
Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics Protection and France ...
Director of the SPBCH met with British Chancellor of Culture
Exhibits from Shaanxi Drew great attention in Peru
Shaanxi History Museum signed cooperation contract with the Te Papa...
Shaanxi History Museum and National Museums livepool signed...
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Host:Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration   Address:No.193,Yanta Road,Xi'an City,Shaanxi Province
Undertaker:Shaanxi History Museum   Address:No.91,Xiaozhai East Road,Xi'an City,710061