World Cooperation

World Cooperation
Chinese experts help restoring the Pagoda damaged in Burma earthquake
The SPBCH and French cultural heritage department signed the...
Great achievements of Britain and France visit
Forum on Emperor Qin Shihuang and his mausoleum complex was held in...
Curator Forum of Sino-Japan Museum Exchanges and Cooperation was held ...
Shaanxi-Bokhara archaeological cooperationmeeting was held
Terracotta exhibition opened in Osaka Japan
The Picture Exhibition of Shaanxi Cultural Heritage opened in...
Countries along the “ One Belt and One Road” discussed about the...
International Museum Day 2016: Museums and Cultural Landscapes
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Host:Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration   Address:No.193,Yanta Road,Xi'an City,Shaanxi Province
Undertaker:Shaanxi History Museum   Address:No.91,Xiaozhai East Road,Xi'an City,710061