Shaanxi Province
Ancient tomb group, cultural relics discovered in Shaanxi

Archaeologists in northwest China's Shaanxi Province said Tuesday they have unearthed an ancient tomb group and a large number of cultural relics.

An ancient wine vessel dating from the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC - 771 BC) was found in Xuguang Village in November 2018. An investigation indicated that the vessel belonged to a tomb in the village, where seven other tombs were later found, according to Xin Yihua, director of the archaeological research institute of the city of Baoji.

Archaeologists said that among the eight tombs unearthed during the excavation, five were in the early period of the Western Zhou Dynasty and three in the Warring States Period (475 B.C.-221 B.C.).

A total of 211 sets and pieces of cultural relics, including porcelain, bronze vessels, bronze chariots and horses, gold objects, jade ware and agate ornaments, were excavated from the tombs.

Based on the tomb group shape and arrangement, burial objects and inscriptions on the objects, owners of the tombs should be higher-ranking aristocrats, Xin said.

"The new findings are of great significance to the study of cultural exchanges and trade between Baoji and its surrounding areas in the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Warring States Period, as well as the local organization structure," Xin added.

From: Xinhua Net

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