World Cooperation
The exhibition of ancient Indian relics opened in Xi’an Banpo Museum

To strengthen cultural communication and jointly establish the One Road and One Belt

Economic Zone, the exhibition entitled the Splendid Civilization of Moon Kingdom jointly

organized by Xi’an Banpo Museum and Lanzhou Pottery and Gold Cultural Promotion GmbH was

opened in Xi’an Banpo Museum.  The exhibition will last for three months.

The exhibition is composed of four parts, showcasing 189 pieces of characteristic

Middle-Asian relics unearthed from three Middle-Asian ancient sites. The exhibits include

both colored potteries unearthed from 6000-year-old Melga Ruins and exotic glass objects and

seals dating back to the Silk Road Period. The exhibition showcases the highlights and

splendor of ancient Indian civilization.

Among the exhibits, a few earthen monkeys with different appearances are very cute and

vivid, attracting great attentions from both visitors and the media. Mr. Hu Shi once said

they are the original model of Chinese Monkey King.

Both India and China listed in the Four Ancient Countries of Civilizations. In the

history, two countries’ various cultural communication through the Silk Road had great

influences on the progress of world civilization. As the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi

’an City has played an indispensible role in the cultural communication between two

countries. We hope the exhibition can provide an opportunity for the Chinese to acknowledge

the time-honored civilization of ancient idea. We also believed that under the guidance and

promotion of One Road and One Belt policy, the Sino-Indian friendship and cultural

communication can development healthily and extend to new areas.

(translated by Cheng Yanni)

Host:Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration   Address: No.193,Yanta Road,Xi'an City,Shaanxi Province
Undertaker:Shaanxi History Museum   Address:No.91,Xiaozhai East Road,Xi'an City,710061